What I appreciate about my Nokia N97

I know everyone is down on Nokia and say they are running behind Android and the Iphone but I can come up with some things that I really like. I have an Android device and owned an Iphone and Iphone 3G but still came back to Nokia. I have owned a Nokia n95 (favorite), Nokia E62, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800 and now the N97.

Well, here they are:
- Battery life
- qwerty keyboard
- awesome camera
- tethering capability
- Gravity for twitter
- facebook just works
- widgets are cool
- d-pad, reason i did not go for the N97 mini
- free navigation
- slider and will sit on flat surface with screen up
- screen viewable in direct sunlight

I'm sure I can come up with a lot more but this was what I jotted down today while thinking about it for a few minutes. What I really, really appreciate is Battery Life!

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