HP to aquire Palm - what it means

I'm avid fan of Palm and currently use a Palm Pre as my personal cell phone. (The Nokia N97 is used for my work phone.) I owned a 3com Palm Pilot, Palm III, and Palm V. I also have a close relationship with HP and I'm very familiar with the company and how it runs itself. I have owned several Compaq/HP Ipaq handhelds and definately think they had a good product for the time. Though, HP has struggled in the Mobile Smart Phone space for a while. I have owned several HP Ipaq phones and was far from impressed. Hopefully this is the opportunity that HP has needed to push to the forefront of the mobile web device, not to just include smart phones. WebOS is ground breaking and almost everyone agrees, even if they are not a fan of the Palm Pre/Pixi. So, I look forward to HP putting their financial power behind Palm and also look to see some exciting devices in the very near future. First and foremost, I'm really hoping for a WebOS HP Slate! Good luck HP and Palm.

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