Archos 5 Internet Tablet firmware v1.77.99 available

Archos 5 Internet Tablet firmware v1.77.99 changelog:

  • Wi-Fi: fix disconnection occurring on some devices after a few minutes of web browsing.
  • Wi-Fi: correct speed is now reported in Settings
  • USB: fix crash sometimes happening when connecting USB in MTP mode
  • USB: fix Archos Multimedia Center not working during USBNET connection
  • Video: disable resume and bookmark features when video file is not in the "Video" directory
  • Tethering: re-enable user/password functionality
  • FM radio: Add button to force speaker output
Upgraded and no problems so far. I have also noticed that my suspend seems to be working better. I have been experiencing issues where if you just let the device sleep on its own, it shuts down.

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