Archos 5 IT new firmware 1.7.93

New firmware available from the Archos web site. I have upgraded and will report any issues. So far, so good!

I am a Linux guy

I've been using Linux since 1998 and have installed it on almost every computer I have owned since then. My phone is linux based (Palm Pre), I have been a huge fan of the Nokia Internet Tablets (have owned a n800 and still have a n810), my hp 2140 netbook runs Ubuntu 9.10, and my favorite tech toy of the moment is the Archos 5 IT running Android 1.6. I run a linux based server at home for file sharing, printing and VM machines. My kids are protected from the Internet via Dansguardian parental control system running on a virtual machine. I record and play back tv minus the commercials via a MythTV box and then stream to my multiple devices that run Linux. I have even swapped the firmware on my Linksys broadband router to the customized Linux based Tomato firmware

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