HTC Evo 4g is pretty cool

Just picked up an Evo 4g to replace my Palm Pre and pretty happy so far, 4 days of use. I will miss my WebOS but I still have the palm pixi for work to fill the void.
The Evo is a whole other world from the Pre, just based on the screen real estate alone. I will be posting more about the Evo and my use of applications on the Android platform in the near future.

official google reader in the Android market

showed up on Monday but not much news about it. Checking it out now and looks pretty sweet for us google reader fans.

HP dm3t Ubuntu - toggle touchpad on/off

I found the following fix on this website,

Step 1 - create a script to toggle the touchpad.

Create a script in /usr/local/bin named (don't forget to make it executable)


if [ -e /tmp/mouse-disabled ]; then
rm -f /tmp/mouse-disabled
xinput set-int-prop 'ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse' 'Device Enabled' 8 1
touch /tmp/mouse-disabled
xinput set-int-prop 'ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse' 'Device Enabled' 8 0

Step 2 - create a keyboard shortcut to execute this script when the key above the touchpad is pressed.

* Go to System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts
* Click on Add to add a new shortcut
* * name = Toggle Touchpad
* * command = /usr/local/bin/
* click the word 'disabled' next to the new shortcut and press the key above the touchpad
* close the keyboard shortcuts menu

HP DM3T Linux touch pad scrolling issue

Ever since I loaded Ubuntu 10.04 on my HP dm3t laptop the scrolling on the right side of the touch pad has not worked. I found a fix on this web site,

sudo modprobe -r psmouse
sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps

to make this permanent, place

modprobe psmouse proto=imps

in /etc/modprobe.d/options

JoikuSpot 3.0 released

You can download this update from
This corrects the Nokia N97 Maps issue with the previous version of JoikuSpot.

Nokia N97 wireless static IP address

Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Destinations

Enter the "destination" containing the access point that is your WLAN. Edit that access point.

Options > Advanced settings > IPv4 settings

Enter the phone's IP address and you will then be prompted to enter other key pieces of information such as the subnet mask, default gateway and nameserver addresses.

I really like my Nokia N97 camera

I'm no photographer, but I like this picture taken with my N97 camera phone.

JoikuSpot and Nokia n97 BUG!

I have found a serious issue with JoikuSpot Professional and Nokia n97 maps v3.04. Everytime I start up Maps and initiate a search, the screen goes white and the phone crashes. I have been able to duplicate this over and over. After uninstalling JoikuSpot, Maps works fine. I was running the latest JoikuSpot Professional.

N97 memory optimization

I don't re-post other blogs much but this is a good one. I followed the recommendations and definitely helped to clean up my phone and get some memory back.

What I appreciate about my Nokia N97

I know everyone is down on Nokia and say they are running behind Android and the Iphone but I can come up with some things that I really like. I have an Android device and owned an Iphone and Iphone 3G but still came back to Nokia. I have owned a Nokia n95 (favorite), Nokia E62, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800 and now the N97.

Well, here they are:
- Battery life
- qwerty keyboard
- awesome camera
- tethering capability
- Gravity for twitter
- facebook just works
- widgets are cool
- d-pad, reason i did not go for the N97 mini
- free navigation
- slider and will sit on flat surface with screen up
- screen viewable in direct sunlight

I'm sure I can come up with a lot more but this was what I jotted down today while thinking about it for a few minutes. What I really, really appreciate is Battery Life!

Palm Pre - switch between apps faster

Just found this little setting, not sure how I missed it before. By turning on Advanced Guestures you can swipe through full-sized cards. Go to Screen & Lock settings and change Switch Applications to on.

Pandora on the Palm - great use case

I had some outdoor work to do this last weekend and found a great way to use Pandora while doing yard work around the house. My Palm Pre was able to stay on my wireless network while playing Pandora and therefore keep me entertained while trimming shrubs and other yard work. For those of you not familiar with Pandora, it is an online radio that plays music that is similar to what you request. It has been around since 2000 in the form of the "Music Genome Project" and you should really check it out.

HP to aquire Palm - what it means

I'm avid fan of Palm and currently use a Palm Pre as my personal cell phone. (The Nokia N97 is used for my work phone.) I owned a 3com Palm Pilot, Palm III, and Palm V. I also have a close relationship with HP and I'm very familiar with the company and how it runs itself. I have owned several Compaq/HP Ipaq handhelds and definately think they had a good product for the time. Though, HP has struggled in the Mobile Smart Phone space for a while. I have owned several HP Ipaq phones and was far from impressed. Hopefully this is the opportunity that HP has needed to push to the forefront of the mobile web device, not to just include smart phones. WebOS is ground breaking and almost everyone agrees, even if they are not a fan of the Palm Pre/Pixi. So, I look forward to HP putting their financial power behind Palm and also look to see some exciting devices in the very near future. First and foremost, I'm really hoping for a WebOS HP Slate! Good luck HP and Palm.

my favorite N97 application

By far, Gravity, a Symbian Twitter client is the best application I have ever seen on Symbian phones. I have used on both a Nokia E71 and now the N97 and the best design ever. Kinetic scrolling works flawless and all functions/menu are well though out. Check it out for yourself,

New gadget for me - Nokia n97

I sold my Nokia e71 and n810 on ebay and have just purchased the n97. Really like the form factor and of couse the keyboard. Some people have complained about the keyboard and the level of tilt for the screen but seems to work okay for me. Widgets on the home screen are pretty cool and the touch screen works well. I will write more as I explore the device.


Archos 5 Internet Tablet firmware v1.77.99 available

Archos 5 Internet Tablet firmware v1.77.99 changelog:

  • Wi-Fi: fix disconnection occurring on some devices after a few minutes of web browsing.
  • Wi-Fi: correct speed is now reported in Settings
  • USB: fix crash sometimes happening when connecting USB in MTP mode
  • USB: fix Archos Multimedia Center not working during USBNET connection
  • Video: disable resume and bookmark features when video file is not in the "Video" directory
  • Tethering: re-enable user/password functionality
  • FM radio: Add button to force speaker output
Upgraded and no problems so far. I have also noticed that my suspend seems to be working better. I have been experiencing issues where if you just let the device sleep on its own, it shuts down.

Archos 5 IT new firmware 1.7.93

New firmware available from the Archos web site. I have upgraded and will report any issues. So far, so good!

I am a Linux guy

I've been using Linux since 1998 and have installed it on almost every computer I have owned since then. My phone is linux based (Palm Pre), I have been a huge fan of the Nokia Internet Tablets (have owned a n800 and still have a n810), my hp 2140 netbook runs Ubuntu 9.10, and my favorite tech toy of the moment is the Archos 5 IT running Android 1.6. I run a linux based server at home for file sharing, printing and VM machines. My kids are protected from the Internet via Dansguardian parental control system running on a virtual machine. I record and play back tv minus the commercials via a MythTV box and then stream to my multiple devices that run Linux. I have even swapped the firmware on my Linksys broadband router to the customized Linux based Tomato firmware

Well, I sold the Viliv S5, just could not stand Windows XP on such a small screen. Very powerful device but I did not use it enough to keep. Especially after getting the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. It has become my main mobile device and actually plays movies better than the Viliv S5 and supports 720p youtube videos. Archos has been consistently providing updates to correct issues with the device and I'm extremely happy with it.

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