WebOS 1.3.1 new features

Found some new features when you go to power off the phone by holding down the power button.


Used to just have the shutdown, now you hit power and get a different screen with several new options. Pretty cool. Good to see Palm putting work into the details.


Palm Pre WebOS 1.3.1 is here

Downloaded last night and after removing all my patchs, upgraded this morning. Then I reloaded all the pertinent patches and everything seems to work okay. Very happy to have Yahoo Messenger now. I was really missing it since I have several good friends that use it.

(Listening to Pandora as I type this)

Got the Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet Saturday and liking it so far. I'm used to bleeding edge, so the reported issues really don't bother me. Here are the apps I have running on it so far and lots more info to come and hopefully screen shots (if I can figure out how to do screen captures)
twidroid - twitter
TasKiller - must have to manage memory use
NewsRob - google news reader (online or offline)
WiFi Buddy - wifi scanner and can be used to connect
Babbler Lite - facebook
AndExplorer - file manager
Documents to Go - MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel
Note Everything - note taking including voice and writing w/ stylus
TouchDown - MS Exchange Activesync
Quickpedia - wikipedia
Beautiful Widgets
ConnectBot - ssh client
Pandora - did not work the first time I installed but on second try, perfect

(pic showing some "Beautiful Widgets")

Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet

My wife is buying me one for my birthday. Can't wait to play with this gadget. Supposed to play HD youtube and 720p videos. This just might be capable of replacing my nokia n810 tabet and the viliv s5. I really like the n810 but it is old hardware now and getting slow to use. The viliv s5 is pretty good but tired of fighting with windows xp and recently windows 7. They just do not function well on such a small screen device. More to come after I get to play with the Archos 5.

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