Viliv S5 install tablet pc functionality


I have installed on my S5 and thought I would share the steps I took. I referenced this web page for the install instructions and I am listing below, since the web page can be confusing.

1. install dotnet 1.0
2. install dotnet 1.1 sp3
3. download and install TPRlite,
4. download and install Windows Journal Viewer,
5. download and install Microsoft Windows Xp Tablet PC Recognizer Pack (TPR/TRP/TPG),
6. download and install Tablet PC Input Pan for XP Pro/Home,
7. download and install Floating TIP, this will allow the pop-up window when you select a text input window, (follow the instructions included for install)
8. Reboot and you should be set. Leave msgs with any questions you have. ENJOY



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