I have the Viliv S5!

Have been so busy, have not had time to post anything since I got it last week. Great device and unbelievable battery life.


So, Some of the customizations that I have done so far:
- I have loaded Grab and Drag extension to allow finger scrolling
- RocketDock for easy access to apps
- Yahoo Widgets for CPU, Battery, Wireless Meter and Weather
- No Squint (have found that leaving the zoom level in firefox @ 150% sure helps the eyes:)
- Tiny Menu for getting more viewing space in Firefox
- Xmarks for bookmark synchronization
- Speed Dial for easy access to my most visited web sites such as gmail, google reader, mobile twitter and my internal mythtv DRV.

Couple of other cool ways to get the most out of the small screen real estate:
- download useragent switcher extension in Firefox and use the instructions here to create an iphone profile that will allow you to view gmail and google reader in iphone format.
for GMail - http://mail.google.com/mail/x/gdlakb-/gp/, for Google Reader - http://www.google.com/reader/i/


2 Response to "I have the Viliv S5!"

  1. Jeremy says:

    Are you going to put Linux on it? If so, which flavor?

    philwil says:

    I tried booting live cd of ubuntu NBR but not touchscreen. Have looked around for someone else that has gotten it to work and no luck.

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