Back to the Nokia N810

I pulled out my N810 the other day and now I remember why I loved it so much when I first bought it. I have continued to use it occasionally for quickly viewing my email and web pages but not like I did when I first got it. It truly is the coolest device I own and that's saying a lot. The slider keyboard works perfectly and after much use, it's still solid. I started hanging out on again and checking out all the progress and updates to programs. Things really have come a long way since I first got my N800 (sold it on ebay when I bought the 810). I decided to start over fresh and re-install everything so that I would have the latest updates. I will try to go over some of the apps I have chosen to install and why.

I did have a thinkoutside bluetooth keyboard that I used with the N800 but sold it along with the N800. I started missing it, even though the N810 has the slide out. The slide out is not practical for any lengthy typing. They have quit making the keyboard but I was able to pick one up on ebay and difinately worth it.


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