I have the Viliv S5!

Have been so busy, have not had time to post anything since I got it last week. Great device and unbelievable battery life.


So, Some of the customizations that I have done so far:
- I have loaded Grab and Drag extension to allow finger scrolling
- RocketDock for easy access to apps
- Yahoo Widgets for CPU, Battery, Wireless Meter and Weather
- No Squint (have found that leaving the zoom level in firefox @ 150% sure helps the eyes:)
- Tiny Menu for getting more viewing space in Firefox
- Xmarks for bookmark synchronization
- Speed Dial for easy access to my most visited web sites such as gmail, google reader, mobile twitter and my internal mythtv DRV.

Couple of other cool ways to get the most out of the small screen real estate:
- download useragent switcher extension in Firefox and use the instructions here to create an iphone profile that will allow you to view gmail and google reader in iphone format.
for GMail - http://mail.google.com/mail/x/gdlakb-/gp/, for Google Reader - http://www.google.com/reader/i/


Viliv S5 arriving today

Checked Fedex this morning and it says "on Fedex vehicle for delivery".....Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Viliv S5 on it's way

I attempted to order the Viliv S5 MID from dynamism.com on May 8th but could not get my order to go through like many people due to unprecedented demand. Dynamism contacted me and set up a pre-order for their next batch that is supposed to arrive on May 24 and orders start today @ 1:00et. Well, I got an email last night advising that they have shipped my order and it will be here on Monday via Fedex. I'm so excited! **Dynamism customer support is AWSOME** This little device is not much bigger than the Nokia N800 but is a full blown computer w/touchscreen, minus a keyboard. That's ok, I have a bluetooth folding keyboard. I will be installing Ubuntu on it immediately and will let you know how it goes. Should be interesting.

Nokia N810 - My Favorite App

I watch a lot of videos on YouTube, mostly tech stuff, and have found the greatest app for viewing youtube.
Digia @scene http://www.digia.com/C2256FEF0043E9C1/0/405001937

I am only using it to view at this point but it also has the capability to upload videos and unlike most YouTube apps, allows you to sign in to your account.

Here are some screen shots of @scene in action:

Initial screen when you start the app:

Search screen:

Search results:

Video playing (non-full screen) (Of course the screen shot did not capture the video playing)

This program has many options and one is to start viewing in full screen when you select a video to play. Also, in my opinion, @scene plays video much smoother than any other youtube app available for the IT. Check it out, I think you will like it.

More on the Nokia N810 - gotta love it

Here is a screenshot of my N810 desktop as of this morning.


Wow, isn't that beautiful!

Nokia N810 - recommended apps

Here are a few apps that I use with my N810:
FBreader - ebook reader
BlueMaemo - remote control
Vagalume - last.fm
Rootsh - root access
Rapier - bible reader based on sword
Coverfinder - download album art from Amazon
Streamtuner - internet radio
X11vnc - vnc server (allows you to view your Nokia N810 from your PC)
Mauku - twitter
Conboy - note taking app based on Tomboy
gpodder - podcast downloader
canola - awsome app, media player, mp3, youtube, flikr

Back to the Nokia N810

I pulled out my N810 the other day and now I remember why I loved it so much when I first bought it. I have continued to use it occasionally for quickly viewing my email and web pages but not like I did when I first got it. It truly is the coolest device I own and that's saying a lot. The slider keyboard works perfectly and after much use, it's still solid. I started hanging out on www.internettablettalk.com again and checking out all the progress and updates to programs. Things really have come a long way since I first got my N800 (sold it on ebay when I bought the 810). I decided to start over fresh and re-install everything so that I would have the latest updates. I will try to go over some of the apps I have chosen to install and why.

I did have a thinkoutside bluetooth keyboard that I used with the N800 but sold it along with the N800. I started missing it, even though the N810 has the slide out. The slide out is not practical for any lengthy typing. They have quit making the keyboard but I was able to pick one up on ebay and difinately worth it.


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