HP Mini 1000 success story

I gave the 1000 to my wife when I got the 2140 and installed HP MIE OS on it (came with XP) to see how she would be able to adapt to it. She is used to using Ubuntu on her old laptop and she sometimes uses Vista on my gaming machine. But of course MIE is totally different than either. I let her start it up and follow the on-screen instructions for setting it up. It was very straight forward and she had no problem setting it up including her email account in Thunderbird. Really like how it shows your emails on the home screen. Her comments were that it was simple and easy to use and that she thinks she will like it. She only uses for web browsing, email and viewing documents that she receives in email. We then set up her IM account and she will have to get used to how one application comes to the front at a time and then you have to alt-tab to move from one application to another. Another comment she had was how great it is that all the apps she needs are already on the laptop and she did not have to install any additional software. I will continue to monitor her usage for any issues she runs up against. Just wanted to share the experience with everyone. I will definately recommend MIE for ordinary non-technical users.

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