HP Mini 1000 and 2140 Compared

Okay, here we go, 1000 and 2140 side by side comparison:

Overall, I prefer the 2140 (I used to have a 2133). Mainly because of the look (very professional) and also because it just feels very durable. It definately ways a little more, especially with the 6 cell batter but not really a big deal to me. Also, I like the coating on the keyboard. I expect some people to say it makes the keys slicker but I like it. Both little laptops are great, expecially compared to other netbooks. I have owned an Asus 701, Acer Aspire One, mini-note 2133, mini 1000 and mini 2140.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the side-by-side photos. I have the 1000 myself, but like the feels of the keys better (personal preference is all). One thing I wish HP would get figured out is video out for the 1000. Looks like the 2140 has it built-in directly which is nice for presentations. Any initial feelings/thoughts on performance differences? What made you decide to go with the 2140 over keeping the 1000? (Just curious)

    philwil says:

    there is a performance difference and it has to do with the 5400rpm hard drive. That was one problem I had with the 1000. the 4500rpm drive really slows things down. I actually did not get rid of the 1000, gave it to my wife. Really is a great little laptop but I like the way the 2140 feels and looks. Much more durable and solid.

    Hi, I'm very interest on your knowledge and I want to invite you at my forum in http://hpmini1000.tk/.

    I'd like this comparision, great photos too.

    Greetings from Mexico, and a user of HP Mini Net's.

    philwil says:

    LittleTX, glad you liked the photos. I would join your forum but can't read spanish:(, so would not be much help.


    Tbo says:

    I am pleased to finally see the side by side of these two. I just received my 2140 after originally ordering the 1000, but then canceling it. I am really curious as to what your OS of choice will be. I'm stuck with Vista at the moment because it was all that was left, but i'd really like to try out linux..the question is Ubuntu or Suse? I have never used Suse before.

    philwil says:

    I am currently tri-booting with Ubuntu Linux 8.10, WinXP and Windows 7. I mostly use Ubuntu but have the other OS's for testing at work. I will post details of how I set this up when I get time.

    yanhong says:

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    jesse says:

    how do you download programs like itunes and frostwire to the hp mini 1000 with linux operating system it just turns them into files and the wont work

    jesse says:

    how do you load programs like i tunes and frostwire to the hp mini 1000 with the linux operating system when i do it turns them to files and wont run them

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