HP Mini 1000 and 2140 Compared

Okay, here we go, 1000 and 2140 side by side comparison:

Overall, I prefer the 2140 (I used to have a 2133). Mainly because of the look (very professional) and also because it just feels very durable. It definately ways a little more, especially with the 6 cell batter but not really a big deal to me. Also, I like the coating on the keyboard. I expect some people to say it makes the keys slicker but I like it. Both little laptops are great, expecially compared to other netbooks. I have owned an Asus 701, Acer Aspire One, mini-note 2133, mini 1000 and mini 2140.

New 2140 arriving today

I ordered the HP Mininote 2140 and it is supposed to arrive today via FEDEX. I will be giving the HP Mini 1000 to my wife for her every day use and I will use the 2140. Look for more postings about the 2140!

HP Mini 1000 MIE boot time

Here is a little video showing how fast MIE boots.

Install HP MIE Theme on Ubuntu 8.10

Found a cool posting over at hp2133linux.blogspot.com. Gives instructions and download links for the files you will need to make your Mini 1000, running Ubuntu, look like the HP MIE. I have installed on my Mini running 8.10 and looks great.
here is my screenshot:

HP Mini 1000 tri-boot

I have set up my mini 1000 to boot Ubuntu 8.10, HP MIE and Windows XP. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to have both HP MIE and Windows XP, is to also load Ubuntu 8.10 so that grub recognizes the previous installs of MIE and Windows XP.
- first step was to install HP MIE by downloading the usb image creator from http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?os=2020&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=3860346&lang=en. I used the Linux based image creator since I mostly use Linux and installed on a 2G usb thumb drive. I then booted the Mini with the usb drive attached and hit F9 to choose to boot off the usb drive and install MIE. This will erase all data on your hard drive and use the whole drive for MIE.
- I then booted the Mini from an external Ubuntu 8.10 CD (you could also use a live usb disk) and started Partition Editor to resize the 60G hard drive. I changed the MIE partition to 10G and left the 1G FAT partion as is.

- Rebooted and booted my Windows XP CD to install Windows. I created a 20G partion for Windows and installed.
- Now, you will have Windows XP but will lose access to MIE. That is why I also install Ubuntu 8.10, so that GRUB will automatically pick up the MIE and Windows installations.
- So, I boot Ubuntu 8.10 CD and install creating a 26G partition for Ubuntu.
- After installation, you will see in GRUB boot menu, all 3 installations.

AA1 Moblin Fast Boot

I said there would be no more post about the Aspire One but I had to test Moblin on it before handing over to my son. Here is a short video that shows the 20 second boot time of Moblin on the Acer Aspire One.

Hello HP Mini 1000

I have purchased a HP Mini 1000 and really like it. I owned a hp mininote 2133 for a short period of time and the keyboard was fantastic.

HP Mini-Note 2133

As soon as I saw the mini 1000 and knew it had the same keyboard, I had to have one.

HP Mini 1000

I've Moved on - sorry aspire one

I've given the Aspire One to my son, so I will not be posting any more info on this blog.

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