WebOS 1.3.1 new features

Found some new features when you go to power off the phone by holding down the power button.


Used to just have the shutdown, now you hit power and get a different screen with several new options. Pretty cool. Good to see Palm putting work into the details.


Palm Pre WebOS 1.3.1 is here

Downloaded last night and after removing all my patchs, upgraded this morning. Then I reloaded all the pertinent patches and everything seems to work okay. Very happy to have Yahoo Messenger now. I was really missing it since I have several good friends that use it.

(Listening to Pandora as I type this)

Got the Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet Saturday and liking it so far. I'm used to bleeding edge, so the reported issues really don't bother me. Here are the apps I have running on it so far and lots more info to come and hopefully screen shots (if I can figure out how to do screen captures)
twidroid - twitter
TasKiller - must have to manage memory use
NewsRob - google news reader (online or offline)
WiFi Buddy - wifi scanner and can be used to connect
Babbler Lite - facebook
AndExplorer - file manager
Documents to Go - MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel
Note Everything - note taking including voice and writing w/ stylus
TouchDown - MS Exchange Activesync
Quickpedia - wikipedia
Beautiful Widgets
ConnectBot - ssh client
Pandora - did not work the first time I installed but on second try, perfect

(pic showing some "Beautiful Widgets")

Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet

My wife is buying me one for my birthday. Can't wait to play with this gadget. Supposed to play HD youtube and 720p videos. This just might be capable of replacing my nokia n810 tabet and the viliv s5. I really like the n810 but it is old hardware now and getting slow to use. The viliv s5 is pretty good but tired of fighting with windows xp and recently windows 7. They just do not function well on such a small screen device. More to come after I get to play with the Archos 5.

Viliv S5 install tablet pc functionality


I have installed on my S5 and thought I would share the steps I took. I referenced this web page for the install instructions and I am listing below, since the web page can be confusing.


1. install dotnet 1.0
2. install dotnet 1.1 sp3
3. download and install TPRlite, http://www.4shared.com/file/61605471/ef2a9de4/TPRLiteEnglishUSSetup.html?dirPwdVerified=cc25d654
4. download and install Windows Journal Viewer, http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=fad44098-8b73-4e06-96d4-d1eb70eacb44&DisplayLang=en
5. download and install Microsoft Windows Xp Tablet PC Recognizer Pack (TPR/TRP/TPG), http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=080184dd-5e92-4464-b907-10762e9f918b&displaylang=en
6. download and install Tablet PC Input Pan for XP Pro/Home, http://www.4shared.com/file/73824094/a589a8fb/Tablet_PC_Input_Panel_For_Xp_Pro_Home_MCE_All_Editions__Ported_to_Xp_.html
7. download and install Floating TIP, this will allow the pop-up window when you select a text input window, http://www.4shared.com/file/131012916/83a6f6c4/tipexe__floattipexe_for_Xp_Tablet_PC_2005.html (follow the instructions included for install)
8. Reboot and you should be set. Leave msgs with any questions you have. ENJOY



HP Mini 1000 install OSX

I got brave last week and decided to install OSX on the 1000. Watched a couple of youtube videos and looks like it runs pretty well, so figured what the heck. I'll try to lay out the steps I took and want to be clear that I followed other people's directions and I'm not responsible for figuring any of this out on my own.
The install guide I used with a little deviation, http://myhpmini.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1445

What you need:
- A USB mouse
- A copy of iDeneb v1.3 (NOT v1.4)
- The HP Mini OS X Essential Files attached to this guide in the link above

1. downloaded ideneb 1.3 (only 1.3 will work)
2. burned to DVD, I have an external dvd drive
3. Boot the DVD on the Mini 1000 and the installer will now begin. Wait at the apple logo until a language selection screen is shown. Select your language and hit next.
4. Go to the top of the screen where it says utilities. From this menu select “Disk Utility”
5. Click on the Mini’s Hard drive in the left pane.
6. Click on the “erase” tab
7. Under Volume format, select Mac OS Extended
8. Click Erase
8. After erasing is complete, exit the disk utility
9. Now click next and select your newly erased hard drive as the destination.
10. On the next screen you will see an option at the bottom that says “customize”. Click on it and apply the following patches:
a. Expand “fixes” and select: acpi, cpu, and remove firewire
b. Under “patches” expand chipset and select ichx fix
You can now continue with the installation.

After sitting at the install screen for a while your computer will reboot. There will be a countdown from 5 in which the migration assistant should appear. If you’re lucky, you can go through the assistant without a hiccup. (If you run into a loop problem, refer to the install guide link above. I was lucky enough not to.)

Installing Kernel Extensions

You should now be in OSX again. Now open up UInstaller.
1. Select your Hard Drive under Drives
2. Choose OSx86_Essentials as the package to install
3. Click “Apply kext package”
4. Click “Install PC_EFI v9 Chameleon Edition 1.0.12”
5. Hit Install

Now lets go ahead and apply the DST Patcher to get ready to update to 10.5.7. Open up the DST Patcher GUI.
1. Select “Darwin/Mac OS X”
2. Select “New HPET Option”
3. Select” Apply DSDT Patch to:”
4. Select your Hard drive.

Now let’s get wifi and all the fun stuff working. Open up OSX86Tools.
1. In OSX86Tools, click on “Repair Permissions”
2. Click on “Install kexts” towards the bottom right
3. Find the kexts folder on your flash drive. Select the THIRD(excluding AppleGMA950.kext and AppleIntegratedFramebuffer.kext)one.
4. Shift+Click the last one to select all (excluding the two mentioned).
5. After the installer completes it will ask you reboot. Just click on OK and Cancel on any dialog boxes that appear.

Update to 10.5.7
You should now be OSX again after reboot. Here’s where things could go horribly wrong, or awesomely easy. There are two methods that can be done. Update to 10.5.7 via Software Update or downloaded updater (DMG).

Software Update Method:
1. Connect to your wifi network. If you don’t know how, its should be the symbol farthest left at the top right of the screen. Looks like a wireless bar signal
2. Go to “System preferences” again.
3. Select “Software Update”
4. Click “Check Now”
5. After they all load, uncheck all of them EXCEPT for “Mac OSX Update”
6. Click “Install”
7. Go through all the prompts. It will start to download then reboot. The download may take a while depending on your Internet connection.

Mouse and Keyboard Fix
Plug in that usb mouse you have. Be thankful you did not set a password if you are not foruntuneaute enough to have a usb keyboard.
First, run the VooDooPS2 Controller package. When prompted, make sure to check that box that says trackpad. Go through all the prompts until it’s installed. Reboot.

Now with working trackpad and keyboard, Open up OSX86 Tools again. Go ahead and reinstall all the kexts in the kext folder.
1. Click on “Install kexts” towards the bottom right
2. Find the kexts folder on your flash drive. Select the first one.(this time select ALL BUT ONE kext -- Do not install the Intel GMA kext, it will disable your screen)
3. Shift+Click the last one to select all.
4. After the installer completes it will ask you reboot. Do it.
*Hint: To get sound working, you need to delete the AppleHDA.kext in the /System/Library/Extensions folder. (2009.06.05-This may not be needed as there was no difference after removing it - sound works with and without it).
*Hint: If you install the INTEL GMA kext, you should be able to go into safe mode by booting with -x in the command line)

Enable Quartz
To enable Quartz open OSX86 Tools and click the Enable/Disable Quartz GL button. It will tell you the current status. If its disabled, feel free to enable it by clicking the button that says "Enable Quartz GL".

Fix CPU (Allow dual-core)
If you start ActivityMonitor before doing this you will see that OSX only sees 1 processor (press the CPU tab below te process list). To allow it to use the second core do the following:
1) Open Terminal when logged in as an Admin user.
2) Gain root access ("sudo su -" and enter your user password).
3) cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration
4) Recommend backing up "com.apple.Boot.plist". Copy it to your home directory or somewhere else.
5) Edit "com.apple.Boot.plist". Use vi (ie: vi com.apple.Boot.plist). Move the cursor to the line that has "cpus=1 -f", then press lowercase d twice to remove it.If there are no other lines between the line with "Kernel Flags" and the next line, then delete the Kernel Flags line as well. Save the file by pressing uppercase Z twice.
6) Reboot
7) Launch ActivityMonitor and confirm OSX now sees both cores.

Enable Quartz Extreme (10.5.7 only)
1) Download these kexts (http://myhpmini.com/forum/download/file.php?id=248)
2) Go into OSX86 Tools, and select Install Kexts.
3) Browse to your download location, and install ALL of the kexts.
4) Once it is done installing, it will ask you to reboot. To avoid problems, click cancel, and, still in OSX86 Tools, go ahead and repair permissions. Be prepared for this to take a while, so don't get worried if it does. It is normal.
5) Reboot when Repair Permissions is complete.

*I take no credit for the above instructions. I just detailed the parts I used from the install guide here, http://myhpmini.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1445

Vacation w/ the Viliv S5

Just got back from the beach and took the S5 along for GPS navigation and for watching movies on the 50" TV that is at the beach house. Have to say that this device is amazingly useful. They had an old windows 98 machine with a 15" LCD and I was able to use it with the S5 to create myself a nice little desktop.

I loaded up a bunch of movies for the kids and for the wife and I and hooked the S5 up to the tv for watching movies via the S-video cable. Works great as long as you have a mouse connected for controlling. I used my bluetooth mouse which was convenient since you could control from across the room.

Firefox add-ons for netbooks/UMPC

Here are some invaluable add-ons I use on my netbooks/UMPC:

fission - progress bar in the address bar (this allows you to remove the status bar at the bottom of the screen

hide menubar - hides the menu;)

xmarks - bookmark syncronization

adblock plus - blocks adds;)

Viliv S5 cheap desktop stand

I saw this some where on the Pocketables forum, so no credit to me. Perfect solution for having your S5 sitting on a hard surface and maybe watching videos, ect. I went to OfficeMax and bought a business card holder for $1.99 and it works perfect. I have also used it for holding my Iphone. They have it in silver or black.

Viliv S5 and Linux (not good)

For those asking, I have tested several live cd/usb without much success. I also tried Ubuntu MID and same results. They will boot/run just fine but no touch screen which kind of renders the device useless. Hopefully, someone will figure out the touchscreen drivers but that is beyond me.

I have the Viliv S5!

Have been so busy, have not had time to post anything since I got it last week. Great device and unbelievable battery life.


So, Some of the customizations that I have done so far:
- I have loaded Grab and Drag extension to allow finger scrolling
- RocketDock for easy access to apps
- Yahoo Widgets for CPU, Battery, Wireless Meter and Weather
- No Squint (have found that leaving the zoom level in firefox @ 150% sure helps the eyes:)
- Tiny Menu for getting more viewing space in Firefox
- Xmarks for bookmark synchronization
- Speed Dial for easy access to my most visited web sites such as gmail, google reader, mobile twitter and my internal mythtv DRV.

Couple of other cool ways to get the most out of the small screen real estate:
- download useragent switcher extension in Firefox and use the instructions here to create an iphone profile that will allow you to view gmail and google reader in iphone format.
for GMail - http://mail.google.com/mail/x/gdlakb-/gp/, for Google Reader - http://www.google.com/reader/i/


Viliv S5 arriving today

Checked Fedex this morning and it says "on Fedex vehicle for delivery".....Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Viliv S5 on it's way

I attempted to order the Viliv S5 MID from dynamism.com on May 8th but could not get my order to go through like many people due to unprecedented demand. Dynamism contacted me and set up a pre-order for their next batch that is supposed to arrive on May 24 and orders start today @ 1:00et. Well, I got an email last night advising that they have shipped my order and it will be here on Monday via Fedex. I'm so excited! **Dynamism customer support is AWSOME** This little device is not much bigger than the Nokia N800 but is a full blown computer w/touchscreen, minus a keyboard. That's ok, I have a bluetooth folding keyboard. I will be installing Ubuntu on it immediately and will let you know how it goes. Should be interesting.

Nokia N810 - My Favorite App

I watch a lot of videos on YouTube, mostly tech stuff, and have found the greatest app for viewing youtube.
Digia @scene http://www.digia.com/C2256FEF0043E9C1/0/405001937

I am only using it to view at this point but it also has the capability to upload videos and unlike most YouTube apps, allows you to sign in to your account.

Here are some screen shots of @scene in action:

Initial screen when you start the app:

Search screen:

Search results:

Video playing (non-full screen) (Of course the screen shot did not capture the video playing)

This program has many options and one is to start viewing in full screen when you select a video to play. Also, in my opinion, @scene plays video much smoother than any other youtube app available for the IT. Check it out, I think you will like it.

More on the Nokia N810 - gotta love it

Here is a screenshot of my N810 desktop as of this morning.


Wow, isn't that beautiful!

Nokia N810 - recommended apps

Here are a few apps that I use with my N810:
FBreader - ebook reader
BlueMaemo - remote control
Vagalume - last.fm
Rootsh - root access
Rapier - bible reader based on sword
Coverfinder - download album art from Amazon
Streamtuner - internet radio
X11vnc - vnc server (allows you to view your Nokia N810 from your PC)
Mauku - twitter
Conboy - note taking app based on Tomboy
gpodder - podcast downloader
canola - awsome app, media player, mp3, youtube, flikr

Back to the Nokia N810

I pulled out my N810 the other day and now I remember why I loved it so much when I first bought it. I have continued to use it occasionally for quickly viewing my email and web pages but not like I did when I first got it. It truly is the coolest device I own and that's saying a lot. The slider keyboard works perfectly and after much use, it's still solid. I started hanging out on www.internettablettalk.com again and checking out all the progress and updates to programs. Things really have come a long way since I first got my N800 (sold it on ebay when I bought the 810). I decided to start over fresh and re-install everything so that I would have the latest updates. I will try to go over some of the apps I have chosen to install and why.

I did have a thinkoutside bluetooth keyboard that I used with the N800 but sold it along with the N800. I started missing it, even though the N810 has the slide out. The slide out is not practical for any lengthy typing. They have quit making the keyboard but I was able to pick one up on ebay and difinately worth it.


HP Mini 1000 success story

I gave the 1000 to my wife when I got the 2140 and installed HP MIE OS on it (came with XP) to see how she would be able to adapt to it. She is used to using Ubuntu on her old laptop and she sometimes uses Vista on my gaming machine. But of course MIE is totally different than either. I let her start it up and follow the on-screen instructions for setting it up. It was very straight forward and she had no problem setting it up including her email account in Thunderbird. Really like how it shows your emails on the home screen. Her comments were that it was simple and easy to use and that she thinks she will like it. She only uses for web browsing, email and viewing documents that she receives in email. We then set up her IM account and she will have to get used to how one application comes to the front at a time and then you have to alt-tab to move from one application to another. Another comment she had was how great it is that all the apps she needs are already on the laptop and she did not have to install any additional software. I will continue to monitor her usage for any issues she runs up against. Just wanted to share the experience with everyone. I will definately recommend MIE for ordinary non-technical users.

I love my HP MIni 2140

I've had it for a couple of weeks and it just keeps getting better. I can say that Ubuntu 8.10 runs better on the 2140 than the 1000. Couple of things to note, Suspend and resume just works, webcam works great with skype and cheese, external mic does not work under either the 2140 or 1000, OS responds better (I think it is due to hard drive speed) and fan is quieter on the 2140 than the 1000. Also, I am experiencing less heat with the 2140. I can vouch for the headphone volume being excellent. I watched a movie today while flying and it was great. I've had issues with other laptops not having adequate volume in noisy environments, even with in the ear headphones. The 2140 had no issue with VLC volume not even half way up. Another great feature of the 2140 that the 1000 does not have, is a powered USB port. Most people would wonder what this is used for. HP has released a few other laptops with the powered USB port, such ad the NC4000. I have a DVDRW drive that I got with the nc4000 that requires this type of port and it works great with the 2140.

HP Mini 1000 and 2140 Compared

Okay, here we go, 1000 and 2140 side by side comparison:

Overall, I prefer the 2140 (I used to have a 2133). Mainly because of the look (very professional) and also because it just feels very durable. It definately ways a little more, especially with the 6 cell batter but not really a big deal to me. Also, I like the coating on the keyboard. I expect some people to say it makes the keys slicker but I like it. Both little laptops are great, expecially compared to other netbooks. I have owned an Asus 701, Acer Aspire One, mini-note 2133, mini 1000 and mini 2140.

New 2140 arriving today

I ordered the HP Mininote 2140 and it is supposed to arrive today via FEDEX. I will be giving the HP Mini 1000 to my wife for her every day use and I will use the 2140. Look for more postings about the 2140!

HP Mini 1000 MIE boot time

Here is a little video showing how fast MIE boots.

Install HP MIE Theme on Ubuntu 8.10

Found a cool posting over at hp2133linux.blogspot.com. Gives instructions and download links for the files you will need to make your Mini 1000, running Ubuntu, look like the HP MIE. I have installed on my Mini running 8.10 and looks great.
here is my screenshot:

HP Mini 1000 tri-boot

I have set up my mini 1000 to boot Ubuntu 8.10, HP MIE and Windows XP. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to have both HP MIE and Windows XP, is to also load Ubuntu 8.10 so that grub recognizes the previous installs of MIE and Windows XP.
- first step was to install HP MIE by downloading the usb image creator from http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?os=2020&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=3860346&lang=en. I used the Linux based image creator since I mostly use Linux and installed on a 2G usb thumb drive. I then booted the Mini with the usb drive attached and hit F9 to choose to boot off the usb drive and install MIE. This will erase all data on your hard drive and use the whole drive for MIE.
- I then booted the Mini from an external Ubuntu 8.10 CD (you could also use a live usb disk) and started Partition Editor to resize the 60G hard drive. I changed the MIE partition to 10G and left the 1G FAT partion as is.

- Rebooted and booted my Windows XP CD to install Windows. I created a 20G partion for Windows and installed.
- Now, you will have Windows XP but will lose access to MIE. That is why I also install Ubuntu 8.10, so that GRUB will automatically pick up the MIE and Windows installations.
- So, I boot Ubuntu 8.10 CD and install creating a 26G partition for Ubuntu.
- After installation, you will see in GRUB boot menu, all 3 installations.

AA1 Moblin Fast Boot

I said there would be no more post about the Aspire One but I had to test Moblin on it before handing over to my son. Here is a short video that shows the 20 second boot time of Moblin on the Acer Aspire One.

Hello HP Mini 1000

I have purchased a HP Mini 1000 and really like it. I owned a hp mininote 2133 for a short period of time and the keyboard was fantastic.

HP Mini-Note 2133

As soon as I saw the mini 1000 and knew it had the same keyboard, I had to have one.

HP Mini 1000

I've Moved on - sorry aspire one

I've given the Aspire One to my son, so I will not be posting any more info on this blog.

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