sprint novatel u727 and Ubuntu 8.04.1

This is really cool. I have been able to get the u727 working with most linux distributions but not without have to compile until I just tried it on the Acer Aspire One running Ubuntu 8.04.1. I had to load 8.04.1 because it supports the Atom processor and when I plugged in my broadband u727, it just works. Also, it is using the airprime model, which is faster than the usbserial model.
All you have to do is after plugging in the usb u727, eject the virtual cdrom that it loads by default and then open a terminal and type apt-get install gnome-ppp. Then configure gnome-ppp as follows:

now, just click connect and should work....

if this does not work for you, try unmounting the virtual cdrom from command line using this command:
sudo eject sr0

2 Response to "sprint novatel u727 and Ubuntu 8.04.1"

  1. Anonymous says:

    and then what?

    philwil says:

    I've updated with additional screen shot...hope that helps.

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