Acer Aspire One (150) tri-boot

I have successfully configured tr-boot on my AA1 with windows xp, Linpus and Ubuntu 8.04.1. I used the instructions found on this forum,, with slight modification. Here are the steps I took:
I installed Win XP (or you can use your existing XP install on the 150) Just have to re-size.
I re-sized my windows partition, using either Ubuntu Live CD or some other partition manager (Paragon in my case). to 50G and I created a 1.5G Swap and used the rest of the space to create a logical partion that I divided between Linpus and Ubuntu. 20G for Linpus and the rest for Ubuntu. Then I formatted the Linpus partition as ext2 and Ubuntu partition as ext3. Be sure that both Linpus and Ubuntu partitions are under your logical extended partition.
Now you are ready to install the Linpus image as instructed in this forum. I installed Ubuntu and it automatically recognized my Win XP and Linpus installations.

Here is a screenshot of my partitions:

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