AA1 Linpus - new applications from ACER

Macles has posted details and link to download on his blog.
I have personally installed Filezilla, Gnomebaker, Skype and Unison.
New Apps:

AA1 installing software - dependency problems

I forgot to mention that when you try to install tomboy and a couple of other programs, you may run into dependency issues. If you follow the instructions from Macle's site, you can correct them.

Acer AA1 Linpus - install xmms

If you want a better music player than the default, which I have uninstalled, you should try xmms.

type the following commands from the terminal:
sudo yum install xmms xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-100dpi xmms-skins

you have to install the font package or xmms will show with a bunch of garbage in the menus.

AA1 - 6 cell extended battery

I pre-ordered about a month ago and received it about 2 weeks ago. Just have not had time to post up the pics. I am getting over 5 hours of battery life which is really cool. I have been able to watch 2 full length movies and still have some battery power left over.




AA1 - disable touchpad while typing

Found this solution here.

- open a terminal and type /usr/bin/syndaemon -i 1 -d
- to have this run automatically when you log in to xfce
Alt F2, type xfce4-autostart-editor

AA1 - enable GDM

taken from here, http://www.aspireoneuser.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4120&p=27902&hilit=gdm#p27902

open terminal and type sudo nano /etc/rc.d/rc.S

Find the line '/usr/bin/xinit -- -br>/dev/null 2>&1 &' and comment it out (Stick a # at the start of the line).

On a new line after that, put


Save & reboot.

My Perfect Linpus on AA1

I have been playing around with Linpus, trying to customize to the "just right" configuration and figured I would share. I take credit for none of the following. I found most of this on the http://www.aspireoneuser.com/ forums.

alt F2 type terminal (opens terminal;)

Livna is no longer available, use the following instead:
sudo rpm -Uvh http://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-stable.noarch.rpm
sudo rpm -Uvh http://rpms.kwizart.net/kwizart-release-8.rpm

1. Add extra repositories for additional software - sudo rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna- release-8.rpm and then sudo yum install fedora-release (this updates the fedora repos)

2. Install my favorite CLI text editor, Nano - sudo yum install nano

3. install Tomboy (note-taking app) and gnome-do (application launcher like OSX quicksilver) - sudo yum install tomboy gnome-do

4. Enable right click menu - alt F2 and type, xfce-setting-show. Select Desktop, Behavior and check Show Desktop Menu on right click

5. Install xfce-mcs-plugins-extra for the ability to set up autostart applicatons - sudo yum install xfce-mcs-plugins-extra

6. Set up tomboy and gnome-do to autostart on login - right click on desktop, select Settings, then Settings Manager, and then AutoStarted apps. Add tomboy and then add gnome-do

7. Change the shortkeys for gnome-do (default is windows key + space) - sudo yum install gconf-editor. then type gconf-editor in a terminal and go to apps, gnome-do, preferences, change key_binding to space

8. Set up Compiz - sudo yum install fusion-icon. Add fusion-icon to AutoStart apps as described above. sudo yum install emerald-themes. This gives you additional themes for emerald.


more to come.....

9. enable ssh client - sudo yum install openssh-clients

10. install a better package manager for installing software - sudo yum install yumex

11. install Pidgin (WARNING, this will remove the Acer IM and Contacts) - sudo yum remove libpurple and then sudo yum install pidgin

12. How to change your username without screwing up everything (if you just change the username, Linpus freaks out due to links to the username user)
open a terminal and type the following:
sudo usermod -l YOURNAME user
Now if you have enabled GDM, you can use yourname as the username instead of "user".

AA1 Linpus and dual monitors

Using the instructions from here, I now have dual monitors with the main screen on my 22 inch LCD and extending to the AA1 screen.


The LCD monitor on the right is my main Linpus desktop and you can see they both have the same background image and scaling to the correct resolutions. Pretty cool.

Acer Aspire One (150) tri-boot

I have successfully configured tr-boot on my AA1 with windows xp, Linpus and Ubuntu 8.04.1. I used the instructions found on this forum, http://www.aspireoneuser.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=3043&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=linpus+image, with slight modification. Here are the steps I took:
I installed Win XP (or you can use your existing XP install on the 150) Just have to re-size.
I re-sized my windows partition, using either Ubuntu Live CD or some other partition manager (Paragon in my case). to 50G and I created a 1.5G Swap and used the rest of the space to create a logical partion that I divided between Linpus and Ubuntu. 20G for Linpus and the rest for Ubuntu. Then I formatted the Linpus partition as ext2 and Ubuntu partition as ext3. Be sure that both Linpus and Ubuntu partitions are under your logical extended partition.
Now you are ready to install the Linpus image as instructed in this forum. I installed Ubuntu and it automatically recognized my Win XP and Linpus installations.

Here is a screenshot of my partitions:

sprint novatel u727 and Ubuntu 8.04.1

This is really cool. I have been able to get the u727 working with most linux distributions but not without have to compile until I just tried it on the Acer Aspire One running Ubuntu 8.04.1. I had to load 8.04.1 because it supports the Atom processor and when I plugged in my broadband u727, it just works. Also, it is using the airprime model, which is faster than the usbserial model.
All you have to do is after plugging in the usb u727, eject the virtual cdrom that it loads by default and then open a terminal and type apt-get install gnome-ppp. Then configure gnome-ppp as follows:

now, just click connect and should work....

if this does not work for you, try unmounting the virtual cdrom from command line using this command:
sudo eject sr0

Acer Aspire One laptop

I just purchased an Acer Aspire One netbook and loving it.
1.6 Intel Atom
120G HDD
8.9 inch lcd w/ OLED backlight

Price $349
Can't beat the price.

I originally got the 8G SSD version, mainly because it was cheaper and I knew I was going to run linux, but ended up returning. Performance of the SSD was horrible. Now I am dual booting ubuntu 8.04.1 and win xp on the 120G HDD model and works great. Love the screen. Very bright and glossy, if you like glossy. Everything is working under Ubuntu Linux except for the external microphone. No big deal, did not plan on using it anyway. Suspend and Hibernation work great, even network works after suspend. Another great thing with Ubunutu 8.04.1 is that my Spring Novatel u727 broadband usb modem works with the default setup and already has the airprime model which gives you faster speeds.
I'll be back with more as I continue to use this little netbook...

been a while

I'm back, if anyone cares:) have been busy with work and not spending as much time on this site. I do have some interesting stuff to share.
I got really brave and added a touch screen to my eeepc about 3 months ago and have to say that I'm loving it. Really makes the eeepc much more useful and better than I even expected. I forgot to take pictues but will post a video. Lot's of people have added a touch screen, so not really that big a deal.

upgrade to Nokia n810

Well, i had to take the plunge and purchase the n810 to replace my n800.

more about the eee pc

So, here are some of the things I have gotten to work with my eee pc:
1. 3G connection using my nokia n95 cell phone (connecting over bluetooth)
2. EVDO connection using a novatel usb U727
3 Bluetooth using this incredibly small usb bluetooth dongle

Originally uploaded by plwweasel

Another toy - Asus eee pc

I could not resist and had to take the plunge. I am not disappointed at all. I love this little laptop and it has exceeded my expectations. I have played around with the default xandros based os but now I am running eeeXubuntu. More to come on my experience.

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