new toy

I purchased a Nokia N800 Internet tablet a couple of weeks ago after the n810 was announced. Of course this caused a huge price drop and influenced my decision. I will be sharing the details of my experience in the next couple of post. I am using the n800 right now to write cool is that?

new laptop

I'm now using a HP nc6220 and quite happy with it. Running Ubuntu 6.10 and pretty much everything works default but of course I have to customize. Great thing about HP laptops, at least the nc models, all the buttons work. So, wireless, volume and fn keys work without customization.
I just saw that the intel video card can run Beryl and had to try it. Works Great! Thanks to everyone who helped write the tutorial.
Here is an example of landscape mode, which you initiate by moving your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the screen.

More screenshots to come.

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