Sprint broadband wireless card

I have recently been provided with a sprint novatel s620 wireless broadband card and have been able to get it working under Dapper without any issues. I will attempt to relay the configuration since I have seen a lot of people having issues with getting this card working under Linux or have gotten it working but are experiencing speed issues. I can't take credit but used serveral web pages for setting up my card. None of them really worked by themselves but by using serveral other configs I was able to work it out.
Reference web sites:
http://www.cs.drexel.edu/~kfu22/evdo/ (this site is the one I ended up using to get the card operational)
First steps, create the following files, and place them in /ect/ppp/peers.
Cut/paste in file name sprint.
#the USB serial device of the EVDO PCMCIA card.
lcp-echo-failure 0
lcp-echo-interval 9999
#your login information
user "sprintphone#"@sprintpcs.com
230400 # speed
defaultroute # use the cellular network for the default route
usepeerdns # use the DNS servers from the remote network
-detach # keep pppd in the foreground
crtscts # hardware flow control
#lock # lock the serial port
noauth # don't expect the modem to authenticate itself
connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/ppp/peers/sprint-connect"
disconnect "/usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/ppp/peers/sprint-disconnect"
Next create file name sprint-connect.
SAY 'Starting Sprint\n'
'' 'ATZ'
'OK' 'AT&F0'
'OK' 'ATE0v1'
'' 'AT+CSQ'
'OK' 'ATDT#777'
Then file named sprint-disconnect.
"" "\K"
"" "+++ATH0"
SAY "Disconnected from Sprint."

In the sprint file, you will need to replace
"sprintphone#"@sprintpcs.com, with your sprint phone number. I found this by loading the provided Windows software on a windows XP computer and opened the Sprint PCS connection manager. Go to the menu, and then Device Info & Diagnostics. Verify your username, which is usually your sprint phone #.

Now open a terminal window and type the following to start your connection:
sudo pppd call sprint

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