Tips & tricks

Couple of things that I have discovered and some features I have added that I thought I would share.
First, some have reported slow bootup when not connected to a network. Up to 30 seconds waiting for network to start. I found that if you do ctr-c when you see network trying to come up during boot, ubuntu will skip it. You would think that then you would need to manually start network after booting up but this is not the case. It seems that it starts automatically sometime after loading Gnome.

Another cool program I have installed is Gnome Artwork from the web site. This little program gives you online access to download themes, backgrounds, GDM themes and splash screens. What is really neat is that you can preview them before installing and if you like, then choose install. Go to and follow the instructions for download. First you will have to load the following required packages via apt-get.
· Ruby
· Ruby-Gnome2
Then untar the download file and perform ./configure, make, make install.
Good luck.

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