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I have been using Linux since 1998 starting with Radhat 5.2
Along the way I have enjoyed learning and overcoming the challanges with being a Linux early adopter. Especially since I usually load linux on laptops and that used to be quite a chore. Now it is becoming much easier and Linux has definately come a long way.
I recently loaded Ubuntu Linux on my HP/Compaq nc4000 laptop and it works great.
I will try to share with you some of my experience and hopefully be of help to anyone trying to run Linux on the nc4000 or any laptop for that matter. I really like this laptop and is probably the best ultra-portable laptop that I have used over the years. And I have had a lot of laptops from Toshiba, Compaq and HP. I also have the extended battery that allows for about 4-6 hours of continuous use. I have upgraded the RAM to 1 gig and it has a Pentium M 1.4 processor that is adequate for my needs. I mainly use this laptop for web browsing, IRC, Chat, email and watching movies. I have a car adapter that allows me to use it while in the car and this is really convenient. I plan to add a USB Bluetooth adaptor and then I can connect to the Internet via my cell GPRS connection.
Here are the specs for the nc4000:

  • Pentium-M 1.4GHz processor

  • 1GB PC3200 DDR RAM, 32MB used by ATI Radeon IGP 340M video

  • 30GB Hard Drive

  • USB DVD/CD-RW drive

  • Integrated 802.11b/g Atheros AR5212 Wireless LAN, Broadcom Gigabit ethernet, and ALi modem

Here are some pictures:
nc4k side
nc4k top
nc4k back

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you have to do anything special to get your wireless to work? I have an HP nc4000 as well, but when I loaded Ubuntu 5.04 on it, I cannot get the wireless to work for the life of me. It detects the adapter, and gives me the option to configure it, but as far as I can tell, the adapter is off (the blue LED is off, and pressing the wireless button has no noticeable effect). Any ideas/suggestions?

    philwil says:

    worked out of the box for me using WEP on my home network. Are you using WEP? You can set it manually by using the following commands:
    iwconfig ath0 essid "ssid"
    iwconfig ath0 enc on
    iwconfig ath0 "web key"

    Also, the blue light does not really work under Linux. To get it on you would have to install Windows and then never touch it again after installing Linux. The card should be working regardless. To check type "dmesg | grep ath" from command line to see if it loads during startup. Also do "lsmod | grep ath" to make sure the modules are loaded.
    Hope this helps,

    Anonymous says:

    Hi Phil

    Do you have powermanagement and sensor detection on your nc4000? I tried powernowd and lm-sensors, but none of them seem to work. If the profile of powernowd is always on "aggressive", the battery life is less than an hour... :(

    Thanx for your help!


    a2xm says:

    Hi Phil,

    I just isntall xubuntu 6.06 on HP NC4000. As far as I know everything works fine (wifi, touchpad, usb) except for card reader and volume button (-/+).
    Do you have any idea how to make the card reader works?

    philwil says:


    The card reader does not work but the volume keys should. You may have to set them manually under System, Preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts.


    Hi Phil,

    I used HP NC4000 like you. My problem is that I could not connect to wireless ad-hoc connection (with Ubuntu 7.10).

    Here is my situation: a Fujitsu laptop that connects directly to internet via modem. I enabled wireless ad-hoc on that Laptop. I planned to connect from NC4000 using wireless ad-hoc to Fujitsu, but failed. I tried also via command line with the same result.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advanced.

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    matiomir says:

    Does hp compaq nc 4000 has built in wireless adaptor or it can be removed from the left side PC CARD SLOT ?

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